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What Does it Take to Be a Millionaire Fast?

Do you Know What You Need to Be a Millionaire Fast?

After 30 years in business and watching many of my friends and associates become millionaires fast, while many more have struggled in their businesses just to keep them going from year to year, I was very inspired to find out why some people get it right so easily, and others find it so hard to be a millionaire.  So I came up with this plan to interview all the most successful people I knew of,  especially the ones who had become a millionaire really fast.  I wanted to ask them for their advice on how someone like me should make a million fast.  I am a very social person, and have a wonderful community of motivated entrepreneurs so for my first book, I focused on how to build a mutually profitable and beneficial  relationship with other members in your community.  I spent around 100 hours interviewing amazing social marketers.  This site, Millionaires Academy is the result of that series of interviews and how I am applying what I learned.  A mind once expanded can never go back to the same way of poverty thinking.

So What Does it Take to Be a Millionaire Fast?

I think what really suprised me was the recurring themes that kept coming up in all the candid discussions we had.  Focus, leverage, continuity income, value, consistency, knowing the solution to provide and who to, and keeping it simple.  But of course, it’s how you apply these things and in what measure the determines if you will become a millionaire, become a millionaire fast, or not be a millionaire at all.  So if, like me, you are determined to learn how to build the right kind of business that will help you be a millionaire fast, then I hope you will join one of our fast track programs and learn from the masters.  They keep is as simple as possible, and share generously their millionaire business secrets.

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Dream it! Live it!  Love it! c

Cydney O’Sullivan